Our vision :

To acknowledge our presence and success with the increasing number of satisfied customers

About us :

Al Salem Carpet is widely reconsidered the region's leading carpet manufacturer and retailer. The brand of choice for wholesale and retail customers alike, Its reputation for excellence has spread to more than 15 countries including the Middle East, Russia, Canada and the USA. At AL SALEM CARPET we take pride in every aspect of our service, from design and production through to the in-store experience and home delivery.It is our mission to help our customers make a choice with confidence and the certain knowledge that a Merinos carpet is a superior lifestyle investment which they will truly enjoy. If you share our appreciation for time-honored craftsmanship, our enthusiasm for modern know how and our passion for quality, Then we invite you to share in our success.

For over half a century, Al Salem Carpets have been associated with the most luxurious and attractive flooring solutions in the Middle East. Reputed as pioneers in the carpet industry in the regional SALEM CARPET has thirty five exclusive showrooms in Saudi Arabia and seventeen in UAE, which carter to a discerning clientele and diverse tastes. Al Salem’s fine collections of carpets and rugs are handpicked from leading names in carpets across: Belgium, Italy, Germany, France, Turkey, Thailand, Nepal, India and China and they adorn the most restages landmarks in the region, including Mosque Palaces, Hotels, Residential Projects, Commercial Spaces Aircrafts and Luxury Yachts. Besides these, rugs and carpets are also designed and custom made at the company’s own looms in turkey.


Respect for the environment :

‘Al Salem Carpets’ is committed to active environmental protection and we make every effort to ensure that our carpet production and distribution does not jeopardise the sensitive eco system in which we operate.

A reflection of these efforts is illustrated by the fact that we use only Azo-free dyes, which contain neither heavy metal nor toxic substances. Each year we commission an independent institute to verify that our products are free from pollutants and environmentally safe.

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Efficiency Reliability

‘Al Salem Carpets’ have worked relentlessly to perfect a comprehensive control system which ensures the smooth interaction of the sales cycle components from design and planning through to logistics and after sales service.



Ethical Success

Only a happy team can help us to maintain the Al Salem Carpets’ promise of quality…………. always.

We recognize that each and every one of our employees play a role in our success story. Our employee relationships are based on a philosophy of social accountability.

We consider ourselves responsible for our employees and the world in which they live. We totally reject any form of child labour, and foster local social and educational schemes designed to improve the quality of life for our employees and their families.

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